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  • Ballast
    In the real railroad worlds, ballast forms the rails track-bed and holds the track in place. Our Ballast realistically models this effect and is available in a variety of grades and colours. Mix and match for authentic reproductions. Ballast is lightweight and easy to use.Attach with Scenic Cement S191.
  • Foliage
    Foilage is excellent for making trees, vines, weeds, bushes or any low/medium/high growth. Simply stretch the sheet of Foilage for a thin, lacy application.Create quick economical tree masses on yor layout. Stretch foilage to your desired density, then roll into a loose ball. Stretch the ball into a conical shape for variation.
  • Fine Turf
    Fine Turf adds texture and highlights to trees and scenery. It is available in six realistic colours, which model fresh, scorche and dying grasses, weeds and dirt roads.
  • Blended Turf
    Use Blended Turf as a base covering over Earth Colours Undercoat Pigment to model grass, Weeds and other low growing plants. It is available in two colours.
  • Coarse Turf
    Coarse Turf models low grasses, leaves, weeds and adds texture and highlights to tree's and scenery. It provides a smooth transition from low to medium and high ground cover, and is available in 11 natural colours.
  • Underbush
    Underbush models low to medium ground cover, and is the perfect product for making small to medium trees. It is available in size colours for realistic bushes, trees and shrubs.
  • Bushes
    Bushes models medium to high ground cover, such as bushes, shurbs and trees, and is the perfect product for making medium to large trees. It is available in siz realistic colours.
  • Lichen
    A longtime favourite of hobbyists, this uniquely textured natural product blends easily with other foliage to create realist scenery. Lichen models brushes and ground cover, or use as tree foliage.
  • Field Grass
    Field Grass is an extremely fine, natural hair product that models tall grass, field grass and weeds.Available in 4 realistic colours.
  • Poly Fiber
    Poly Fiber is synthetic fiber used to create vines, undergrowth and other rambling vegetation. Apply it on the sides of buildings, Tunnel Portals, Retaining Walls, light poles, billboards and along fence rows, or other places you see vines grow. Use PolyFiber after youadd griund covers and set buildings on your layout. Great for quick and economical tree masseson your layout.Attach with Scenic Cement (S191).
  • Tree Kits
    Choose from several different sizes, shapes, textures and colours. Deciduous and pine Realistic Tree Kits include Tree Armatures with bases and foliage materials.
  • Adhesives and...
    Adhesives and Miscellaneous woodland scenics products.
  • Just Plug Lighting

    No electrical knowledge or special tools needed...just plug and you're done! The Just Plug® Lighting System is a quick and easy way to add realism and interest to new and existing layouts and other projects.